What areas do you sell gumboots online to?

The Aussie Gumboot company sells online and will deliver both within Australia and internationally.

How will I know the right gumboot size?

At Aussie we have a size chart that you can use to work out exactly the right size, whether it is for kids, ladies, safety boots or industrial boots. Keep in mind what you will wear on your feet under the gumboot ie, thick socks, thin socks, tights etc.

How do I order online?

Browse through our shopping cart, click on the item you want and the size you want (check on our sizing chart to make sure you have ordered the right size). Follow the instructions and payment is by PayPal.

Why are some of the products in the online shop split into different sizes?

The weights vary for each size of gumboot, so some products are split into different sizes so that we can offer the most appropriate and fair shipping rate for each product.